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Skill Assessments Specific to professional bookies!

What is a Skills Assessment?

A skills assessment is a method used to measure an individuals skills and knowledge.  Skills assessment results help us determine who knows what and identifies gaps where training may be needed to maximise the development and potential of the individual. Skills gaps can be filled by participating in CPE!

Why do a Skills Assessment?

A Skills Assessment can be used as the basis for determining appropriate CPE for an individual. Addressing gaps in an individuals skills and knowledge helps the organisation but also prepares workers to better meet the demands of their role, keep up with industry changes and meet their compliance obligations.

Whats involved?

We apply a simple four step process to deliver our Skills Assessments. Determine the purpose, set the skills to be measured, gather the results and present an informed recommendation. Our CPE report prioritises an individual’s training needs and maximises the CPE investment. 

Skills Assessments can help determine your CPE pathway!

How to use Skills Assessments

Interview processes

Skill assessments are a great way to determine whether a candidate is a good match for the position you are looking to fill. They also confirm an applicants claim.

Performance reviews

Skill assessments can be used to benchmark your workers, identify best and worst performers and establish those ready for promotion or reward.

Professional development

Evaluating an existing workers level of competence is useful to determine if important skills are lacking or need improvement. A key driver in the CPE planning process.

CPE Planning

Skill assessments can highlight a workers current level of competence, ability to learn new skills and guide on training and education opportunities to upgrade their existing skills. 

Maximising Your Workforce

Skill assessments can provide relevant information on a worker’s ability to perform well in the job and identify any under utilised skills useful to the business.

Streamlined experience

Skills assessments help us make better decisions when it comes to hiring, training and promoting workers, saving time and money overall.

Do you need guidance?

Book a free consultation to speak with one of our experienced consultants for guidance on a structured assessment and training program for your team. Our experienced educators are on hand to guide you.