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Bookies Annual Skills Assessment CPE09

The Bookies Annual Skills Assessment is designed to assess your own current bookkeeping skills and knowledge. A great tool also to assess current and future team members!

Assessment Information

Unit Code: CPE09
TPB compliant CPE: Yes
Units: 1 in total
Level: Cert IV+
Delivery: Online
Start anytime: Yes
Self-paced: Yes
Duration: 4 hours
Fee: $165.00 inc GST
Examination: Yes
Pass mark: 85% or higher
CPE hours:4

The Bookies Annual Skills Assessment is designed specifically for bookkeeping professionals who want to prove competence, determine current competency levels, identify gaps and update their current knowledge. A great tool also to assess current and future team members.

The assessment involves a selection of multiple choice questions and calculation activities on current topics relevant to a well educated bookkeeper. On completion, you will be presented a selection of CPE activities appropriate to your learning needs. Any identified skills and knowledge gaps can be filled through CPE activities or formal programs.

The assessment constitutes an excellent CPE activity. Enjoy this brain teaser developed by the professional bookies at My CPE!

The Skills Assessment is not designed to teach you what you think you know… It’s designed to assess competency levels on current bookkeeping matters and offer guidance where improvement may be beneficial.

We know we have many well-educated Bookies onboard; but remember none of us know what we don’t know! The expert bookies at My CPE are sure you will learn more from this challenge which offers 4 valuable CPE hours!


The Code is contained in section 30-10 of the Tax Agent Services Act 2009 and sets out standards of professional and ethical conduct with which registered agents must comply.

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